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2023 Annual Appeal

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$13,375 raised

$9,000 goal

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It's been another busy year at New London Landmarks!

So far, we've co-hosted a program on the history of New London's housing projects, available here; highlighted the rehabilitation of several downtown buildings at our annual meeting, hosted a lecture by Tom Schuch on the extent to which New London's early economy was linked to the enslavement of Africans on Caribbean sugarcane plantations; and are working on a documentary about the history of Puerto Rican migration to New London. Our board president Tom Couser will be offering a walking tour about the evolution of State Street in September. We also helped a homeowner receive state funding via the state's Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit program--a great program whose administrator will be giving a talk about the program in early 2024.

Thanks for being part of our preservation community! And thanks for supporting our work today.