You can pay for your whale plaque online! image

You can pay for your whale plaque online!

Plaques highlight your house's history and help fund research on New London's neighborhoods..

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The iconic whale plaques you see throughout New London not only highlight a house's history but also help us build a library of research on New London's neighborhoods. If your house is at least fifty years old, it qualifies for a plaque!

Plaques cost $250 for the general public and $235 for members of New London Landmarks.

In addition to your handmade, handpainted wooden plaque, you'll also receive a title search and a written narrative about your property's history. You can pay the full amount when you place your order or pay a $100 deposit and pay the balance when your plaque is complete.

Do you have a decades-old plaque that's starting to look worn? Replacement plaques without additional research cost $100.